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Home Decoration Civil Cable
Home Decoration Civil Cable

Home Decoration Civil Cable

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  • Date:2019-09-17
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With the development and popularization of household appliances, household electricity consumption is increasing rapidly. In order to ensure safe household electricity consumption, consumers should use BVV2X2.5 and BVV2X1.5 models when choosing and using household power lines. BVV is the national standard code for copper sheath wire. 2X2.5 and 2X1.5 represent 2 cores 2.5 square millimeters and 2 cores 1.5 square millimeters respectively. Generally, 2X2.5 main line and trunk line, 2X1.5 make single electrical branch line and switch line. BVVV2X4 for single-phase air-conditioning special line and special ground wire. Yongrui Electronics reminds you to pay attention to the following items when purchasing wires:

I. Wire Surface Marking

According to the national standards, the wire surface should be marked by the name of the manufacturer, the product type and the rated voltage continuously. This is conducive to finding the manufacturer in time when problems occur in the process of wire use. Consumers must pay attention to this when choosing and purchasing wires. At the same time, consumers should pay attention to the consistency of the manufacturer's name, product type, rated voltage and the printed mark on the wire surface marked on the certificate when choosing and purchasing wires, so as to prevent counterfeiting products.

2. Wire Appearance

Look at the appearance: The insulation (sheath) layer of qualified products is soft, tough and flexible, the surface layer is compact, smooth, without rough feeling, without greasy feeling, and has a pure gloss. The surface of insulating layer (sheath) should have clear and rubbing-resistant printing marks. The products produced by irregular insulating materials have transparency, brittleness and no toughness. Look at the insulating layer: The national standard stipulates the thinnest uniformity of the insulating layer and the average thickness of the insulating layer. The insulating layer of normal wires is uniform in thickness, not biased in core, and tightly wrapped on conductors.

Look at the certificate: The standard product certificate should indicate the name, address, after-sales service telephone, model, specification structure, nominal cross-section (commonly referred to as 2.5 square, 4 square wire, etc.), rated voltage (450/750V single-core line, 300/500V double-core protection sleeve), length (the national standard length is 100M earth 0.5M), inspection. Inspection staff number, manufacturing date and national standard number or certification mark of the product. In particular, it is pointed out that the single-core copper-core plastic wires, which are usually specified in the regular products, are 227 IEC 01 (BV), not BV. Please pay attention to identify the buyer.

Wire Core: The pure copper raw material is selected to produce the wire core after strict wire drawing, annealing (softening) and stranding. Its surface should be bright, smooth, burr-free, tightly twisted, smooth, soft and tough, not easy to break.





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